Kenya Blue is a poet residing in Brooklyn, NY. When it comes to poetry, she is interested in diverse subject matters. However, she is especially interested in love/romantic poetry, and humankind poetry. She enjoys

writing free verse, odes and sonnets. She has attended poetry readings throughout the Metro area and has also been a featured poet at several venues. Kenya has published a chapbook of love/erotic poems entitled "Poems of Passion: From Me to You." She is the editor-in-chief/publisher of "Opened Eyes Poetry & Prose Magazine." Kenya also does poetry workshops, and will compose poems for various occasions of your choice.



"Opened Eyes Poetry & Prose Magazine," is published three times a year. It is also listed the 2004 issue of "Poets Market." You may inquire about a subscription and submission to the magazine by:

email: kenyablue@excite.com

website: http://kenyablue.tripod.com

or writing to: Kenya Blue

P.O. Box 21708

Brooklyn, NY 11202-1708.