Azar "ACE" Attura must have been born, not with X or Y Chromosomes, but with

BX Chromosomes. A Bronxite, long after she had to leave the Bronx, she has

never forgotten the sweet days of her youth there. And although many

non-Bronx (and some ex-Bronx!) folks razzed her about her nostalgia for the

Bronx, she never gave up on the joy those special memories brought her. It

was with great pleasure then, when she discovered in 1999, not only the

Bronx Board (thanks Larry!) but the HUNDREDS (thousands?)of great folks who

populate it! And most of them with that same nostalgia for their special

days in the Bronx!

Ace is a somewhat frustrated artist and photographer and craftsperson who

has to make a living at a full time job that has nothing whatsoever to do

with her talents -- but such is life!!! Whenever she has spare time she

devotes it to her arts and crafts, also teaching an occasional class on

stamp collecting, auto mechanics for women, or Tai Chi.

Her favorite baseball team (is there any other?) is the Yankees.

She also volunteers with animal rescue groups and writes articles about pet


At 54, many strangers can still pick up on Ace's delightful Bronx accent

and/or mannerisms.

Ace lives in Virginia now and has had the good fortune all her life to run

into natives of the Bronx in some of the most unlikely places.

Viva da Bronx!!


Being a Bronxite, is more a state of mind than a state of location. You can visit the Bronx Board at and see what Ace is talking about. The Larry that Ace thanks is the Web Master of the Bronx Board.