About the Author

Partha Pratim Majumder (45 yrs.), -- MBA, PGDJ, PGDFT, B.COM (Hons.) is an Indian writer of short stories , fiction, poems and articles on interesting issues. He has an impeccable style of storytelling and eyes on diverse range of subjects, focussed on various human values and characters out of the bowl called society. The nuances of human characters are fascinatingly depicted by him in his writings with acerbic wit and penetrating insight.

Born and brought up in the city of Kolkata , India , ( the city , where Mother Teresa, the Missionary of Sainthood and Nobel Award Winner, Satyajit Roy,the great fimmaker and Oscar Award winner, Amartya Sen, the great Economist and Nobel Award Winner, Rabindranath Tagore, world class poet and Nobel Award winner lived for years.), he has his academic career extended to three Post Graduate Courses in Journalism ,Marketing and Foreign Trade. His professional career is a reflection of his multi disciplinary mindset and diverse experience in Indian society, while working in large corporate, academic institutions, industry, business houses, governance of towns & cities etc. for more than twenty years.

Regarded as " Quintessential Jack " and felicitated as "Calcuttan of The Week" ( published in The Telegraph on 3rd October 2002,) in the Indian Press, he has several published pieces to his credit in his mother tongue and in English.

His commendable works in English are That Extra S-mile, Life As A Story Teller, Weight of a ten rupee note in the website www.ourpipedreams.com , A Place in The Sun & Barefoot in The Park, Bare Facts & Today etc. ,in the internet site www.TheCaldron.com , Sound Turnaround in www.friendsoftheheroes.co.uk ,Off the Painters Domain in The Telegraph, Long Live Detective in The Children’s Detective, The Bad days of Mantu & Jhantu in Anandamela & Birds of Silence, The fall of a Banyan and aftermath in The Statesman, and so many more."

Now, he is concentrating more on Internet than print medium. He is married. He has wife and two daughters. Presently , he is holding position of Sr. Manager (Public Relation & Administration) in M/S JENSON & NICHOLSON (I) LTD.

His Email i/d : pratim_inyahoo.com. parcal@indiatimes;com