Summer is Lots of Things 

the season that's the warmest 
the season that comes before Autumn 
the season that follows Spring 
the season that is the summit, the top, the zenith, 
the apex, the peak of the highest 
degree of temperature 

it brings us the boys of summer 
it brings us hot dogs, ice cold pepsi, tacos 
it brings us to new advanced ball-parks where air 
conditioners swallow up the heat 
and sun 
it brings us vacations of all sorts-not just sports 

summer brings cook outs, pool parties, ice cold lemonade 
summer brings school endings, unless your mark was short; 
summer brings summer school, tough lessons in shorter time, 
hotter classrooms 
summer brings ice cream (introduced in China years ago) 
summer brings tans, long walks on beaches, hand in hand 
with longtime mate 
summer brings white shoes, white purses, short skirts, 
sandals, no hose, pain free bursas 

allows us to see the beauty of roses 
allows us to smell outside cooking, fresh mowed lawns, 
and Lilac bushes 
allows us to look up toward the heavens and thank Him 
above for stars, family, health 
allows us to slow down, store up for winter, put our 
priorities straight, so we can continue 
walking with our lifetime date.