Talfie was one of the funniest guys and tough and what a good ball player which I appreciated since I was considered a pretty good one too. I could catch a ball when I was just ten years old with my back t the plate going over my head -and Talfie could swim! He swam from Riker's Island on the East River to Manhattan and then did a cab back up to our old neighborhood in the East Bronx and thank God this all happened three years after I had posted bond for him after the pleading of my older brothers Leny One N, Tommy Tom Tom and if he jumped we would have lost our home housing myself, a good wife and three little children as I was trying to survive being a teacher in the land of "leave no child behind" my older sisters Tina of the Troy, Alice in Wonder Land and her husband Gux the most famous Kamikaze shooter downer who claimed he had shot down nearly a million of them down and along with Ronnie, Duke had won the Pacific campaign among themselves while the rest of us were spectators to their heroic deeds also put in their two cents hoping against hope Talfie would jump his bail but anyway he did his swim after serving his four years at Lewisburg not very far from Allenwood where a few of Nixons were doing their country-club time.
He could say funny things like: "How the heck is some starving bastard supposed to eat on three dollars a day with their food stamps? No wonder the dying of hunger are getting fat what with them having to eat fat cheap fat so not to die! And we hard workers have to pay for them when they need care. What a great country!
"Hey I guess God and Jesus do body functions dumping their brains out like us because ain't we made in their image? Did the Guy have to design us in that way that makes people laugh in disgust"?
To get back to the great swim. Talfie called Riker's up to tell them he was home again and when they thanked him for the information and said they would come to pick him up that day he got really pissed off saying: "Hey give me a break! I'm still tired from the swim in those polluted waters!"
"OK, Talf, take another week off and we'll pick you up on the corner of Arthur Avenue and Fordham Road like around noon or so?"
"Make it around six. I eat supper around five."
"You got it buddy" The cops were there promptly for they didn't want Talfie waiting.
Talfie would die at the age of thirty-six of a very weak heart that had been devoured by babanyia he began taking as a young teenager fed to kids by mob guys who were making a good life for themselves like actors who did a good job depicting their greedy needs. END